A dream come true

NUECES KIDS was born from the illusion of a family project. We try to imagine what it would be like to be able to recover the essence of hand-made garments without giving up the latest advances in Design, Production and Marketing.
We decide to combine the making of handcrafts with quality and sustainable materials.

Mixing our dream with a lot of effort and dedication ... we did it! Now, we can proudly say that we create unique pieces made in an artisan way, with respectful and quality materials, which combine the essence of our childhood with the trends of a modern lifestyle.
In Nueces universe you will find ethically responsible and high quality pieces, manufactured with natural and soft fabrics. We work daily, to redefine the Slow Fashion concept, because we are also really concerned about our planet. Timeless and comfortable styles, that will last for generations and guarantee endless hours of fun and adventure.
We offer not only contemporary luxury and elegance but also trendy casual looks..

What is Nueces about?

Nueces is Natural

Not only because of the the high quality materials we use but also because of the colours of our collections, made with ecological fabrics and organic cottons, and incorporating the newest fabrics in children's fashion such as Lyocell. We source only the finest materials to achieve an exceptional soft feel for our little ones. Always taking into account the soft, delicate skin of babies and kids.
Each garment is a perfect combination between delicacy and elegance.

NUeces is Universal

From the local to the international scene. Nueces currently has a network of more than 200 multi-brand points of sale, its own stores and franchises, with a presence in more than 30 countries. The brand is represented across Europe, South Korea, America, Russia and many more, selling the collection in leading fashion stores all over the world.
This expansion culminates with an e-commerce where any buyer, from anywhere in the world, can access the complete collection.

NUEces is endearing

Who does not remember his childhood with love? Each garment of Nueces is a tribute to those years. Collections designed by moms thinking of their children. Our goal is to make parents and children feel identified in the colours, shapes and finishes of the garments, different and special. There is a child inside all parents, and we look for it.

NUECes is Comfortable

We are in love with fashion and design, but that does not make us forget how important movement is for children. Our garments are made to fit them and their games. We want them to put the limit to their fun, not the clothes they are wearing.

NUECEs is European Crafts

Each garment contains the magic that can only be achieved with artisan work. Each piece is unique. The design, patterns and tailoring are marked by the obsession with small details and the care that each member of the Nueces team puts into their work. Research, dedication and love are the three ingredients that make each of our garments unique. Nothing is made at random and, when the collections are finished, each and every NUECES employee can feel reflected in them.

NUECES is Sustainable

Our planet's future depends on the decisions we make today. Green policy is always in our mind. Nueces is an eco friendly, slow fashion brand. We look for sustainable facilities, processes and materials in every garment, and our collections are exclusively manufactured by nearby workshops. Fair trade is a must in Nueces. We continue working to optimize our processes and products, to reach our goal: To be a 100% respectful with the environment brand.

Nueces continues growing, thanks to its team and you, our best guarantee.