What clothes does a newborn baby need in summer?

per Nueces Kids on March 27, 2020

The heat is just around the corner and many new parents wonder what a newborn baby needs in summer. It is normal to be concerned about the health and comfort of our little ones.

Overexposure to the sun can be dangerous, as a baby can become dehydrated, burned, get heat stroke or be exposed to insect attacks. For these reasons it is important to cover the baby, but not to shelter it as if it were in winter. However, it is advisable to always keep a blanket or gauze on hand in case it gets cold, because sudden changes in temperature due to the breeze can lead to a cold.

We must distinguish two vital areas of the child's body with which it regulates its temperature. The first is the head, through which it loses temperature, and the second is the feet, which is the area of the body that is usually the coldest. Special attention should be paid to these parts.

The clothing

The clothes you need are mainly lightweight cotton garments. Cotton should be organic, as they are breathable and will not cause skin irritation. For this last reason we must ensure that the sizes are a little larger than normal. An example of Organic Cotton onesie is the one we see in the next picture, the Lavender onesie, ideal for this summer.

According to the "Newborn Care Guide" made by the staff of the Maternity ward of the 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid, the ideal thermal environment for a baby should be between 22 and 25ºC.

As for the feet, forget about wearing shoes. Until they walk these are not necessary.

The little beach

If you're wondering what a newborn baby needs to wear to the beach or pool for a swim, you'll have to wait until next summer. The head of Paediatrics at Povisa Hospital in Vigo, Dr. María José Domínguez, advises against it. She argues that since babies cannot yet regulate their temperature perfectly, they can catch a cold. She adds that they should always be in the shade. For this reason she says that children under 6 months should not go to the beach, except for a walk in the early morning or late afternoon.

From Nueces Kids we hope that this article has helped you to know what clothes a newborn baby needs in summer. There is nothing left for good weather and holidays should be enjoyed while we take care of our little ones.

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