Trend Guide: Sweatshirts for Girls

per Nueces Kids on September 08, 2020

The summer is ending and the temperature is coming down, so it's a good time to think about what my daughter will wear. The most comfortable and easy to combine garment is the sweatshirt, and this is the subject we want to deal with in this article, we are going to show what the trends are going to be in terms of sweatshirts for girls taking into account comfort and design.

Blouses for girls

The blouses are an elegant alternative to the conventional sweatshirts for girls, in Nueces you can find the Esther sweatshirt blouse with several colours (blue, turquoise, dark grey and pink) a nice garment that stands out because of the big bow in the back area. Another garment to take into account is the Clara sweatshirt blouse, it is composed by a round neck sweatshirt with an opening in the back, in the opening it has a detail of 3 tulle flounces. Finally, we must highlight the Daniela blouse with a collar finished in contrasting repulgus and a front pocket with sequins as the most characteristic elements. All these options provide a casual and trendy look perfect for post-summer weather.

Lia sweatshirt

This sweatshirt for girls is characterized by its wings formed by sequins on the back of the garment that provide a very interesting touch of light. The available colours are dark blue and grey. This sweatshirt is perfect to be combined with a pair of cigarette trousers or even a pair of bloomers. You can find the garment here.

Chloe sweatshirt

The Chloe sweatshirt is a long-sleeved garment with bronze and silver details and a large ruffle on the neck which is the most representative. The sleeves also end in more subtle frills that give an elegant touch. This garment is available in both black and dark green and both colours can be easily combined with jeans or even beige cigarette trousers.

Raquel Sweatshirt 

Finally, another garment that should be taken into account is the Raquel sweatshirt, this garment is made of a thicker fabric so it is perfect for colder days. It's a long sleeve sweatshirt with bronze sequin details on the shoulders and the bottom. It is comfortable and elegant, can be combined with any type of trousers. It cannot be missing from your wardrobe this new season.

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