Trend Guide: Children's swimming fashion

per Nueces Kids on May 15, 2020

Nobody better than a Valencian firm to take streetstyle to the beach or pool. Our design team, moves this season, the inspiration of our spring-summer collection Mediterranean Flowers to our swimwear line.

The NUECES spring-summer 2020 collection is very extensive and complete, giving the client the opportunity to dress the whole family together.

We have balloon swimming costumes, culettes, t-shirts and lycra boxers for babies, bikinis and swimming costumes for girls and tactel boxers for boys. Not to mention the carefully chosen accessories such as towels, capes and, of course, the versatile beach dresses that can be worn on any occasion.

Both the clothing and the fabrics we have used are of high quality, and range from Lycra that protects the little ones of the house from UVA rays, to quick-drying tactel so that the boxers are very comfortable to wear.

This year the choice of colours has been fundamental to the design of the collection. We have traditional NUT plains in colours such as powdered pink for the sweetest, mint green or coral for the most daring, and stripes with or without shine for those looking for something different.

In NUECES we like that the little ones do not leave their style on the shore and that swimwear fashion becomes a fundamental accessory and part of their daily choice. Our priority is always the quality and as a sign of identity the classic, romantic and timeless details. Steering wheels, stripes and bows are key pieces and the success of each collection.

For girls, we have many models in the NUT style. You can find our classic line of bows that are a best seller of the brand season after season and accompany us every summer. We have also incorporated the traditional bee's nests adapted to the swimwear fashion that seems to have come to stay, or gummed ones that adapt to the silhouette of each one of them.

One of our priorities when designing babies is that they should be comfortable and dry. For this reason, our balloon swimming costume incorporates a series of automatic fasteners so that putting on or changing the nappy as soon as it comes out of the water is not an impossible mission.

The quietest fashion arrives in the children's line, where far from stridencies, we bet for a defined style with our elegant colour combinations. Being the child NUECES the one who will mix and choose his perfect coordination.

This is NUECES' bet for this season. Colour, detail and simplicity. A quiet summer for the little ones in the family.

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