Trend Guide: The rompers that will triumph this summer

per Nueces Kids on June 29, 2020

The good weather is approaching by leaps and bounds, it's getting warmer every day, the days are very long, the layers of clothing are fewer and fewer... But why deceive ourselves, we are delighted!

The same goes for the little ones in the house. Wardrobe changes are now a reality and we only think about choosing the coolest and most comfortable clothes to enjoy the summer.

Once the long trousers and the jumpers are put away, we give way to all the summer clothes, where the rompers take special prominence for their comfort and versatility.

In Nueces, we have several models for all kinds of occasions. If there is one thing that characterises our baby rompers, it is that they are the freshest and most stylish. Moreover, we bet for a handmade manufacture in Spain with 100% cotton.

And as if it were a matter of taste, we have baby rompers for boys, baby rompers for girls and unisex rompers in an infinite number of colours.

And for the most delicate skins, we have organic cotton baby wipes such as our Thyme romper

That in addition to helping maintain body temperature, it guarantees the skin's transpiration, protects it from irritation thanks to its natural fibres and the garments last a long time. Another model that we love is the Lavender romper, made of organic cotton that simulates two pieces, a T-shirt and a frilly knickerbockers. It is decorated with a small bow on the waist and some buttons on the front of the T-shirt, both in black to contrast. A perfect choice for mums who like to combine trend and respect for the environment.

But what about the most special occasions?

Our head automatically thinks of the Iris Nest romper suit, a 100% soft and natural linen, sleeveless, with a contrasting black honeycomb pattern on the chest area. It can be opened with buttons both in the back and in the bottom area, to facilitate the change of nappy. Very comfortable and elegant, it is a classic garment that will be passed on from generation to generation, and at the same time renewed thanks to the combination of colours. A must!

What did you think of our selection of baby rompers this summer? If you've fallen in love as much as we have, we have good news: we're having a sale!

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