Trend Guide: This summer's musts

per Nueces Kids on July 24, 2020

Are you a fashion addict and do you like to be aware of the musts of each summer? If you love fashion and want to know more about summer clothing trends for girls, read on!

Summer clothes for girls: The latest trends

We are at the halfway point of summer, the perfect time to show off the freshest and most cheerful models of the season. Therefore, in today's article we are going to discover the latest trends in three different categories: swimwear, dresses, sweatshirts and blouses.


The time has come to renew swimwear, but you don't know what the trend is... Don't worry!

Here are two of this summer's must-haves in swimwear: stripes and bows.


Stripes are a trend year after year in girls' summer clothing, considered timeless and adding a chic touch to every look.

This year, stripes have been reinvented in the form of swimwear and we love it! The Madeira swimming costume combines the trend of stripes with ruffles, another must in summer clothing for girls.


A trend that brings a feminine and sweet style to each garment. In Nueces, you can find this trend in all its versions, in swimwear, dresses and so on.

Our star recommendation? The metallic BALI girl's bow swimming costume, a swimming costume that perfectly combines the bow trend with metallic tones, a bestseller!


Summer is the perfect time to get inspiration and renew outfits. The current trends in dresses are the colour coral and tulle.

Coral colour

The coral colour has come to stay, especially in dresses, thus bringing luminosity to each outfit.

A perfect look for a summer afternoon is our top seller, the BORA BORA dress, its flight and large bow at the back combine perfectly with the coral shade, achieving a summery and fresh finish.

The tulle

The tulle enhances any look, bringing glamour to our outfits. At Nueces, we include tulle in a wide variety of our garments.

For example, in the Camellia Dress, a dress inspired by one of our favourite vintage pieces, made up of a bib and a plumeti tulle shirt. The combination brings a Parisian and trendy touch, you'll love it!

Sweatshirts and blouses

In the summer nights we can't miss the sweatshirts and blouses. Clothes in which you will find the trends of the season: the sequins and the frills.


Who said that sequins were only for the holidays? Add a fun touch to your outfits with garments that include small details in sequins.

For example, the Daniela Niña Blouse has a sequined front pocket that adds a touch of light, a basic you'll never miss!


Flounces are in fashion in all their variations. If you want a basic one that you will never miss, opt for the Esther Blouse, a quality trendy look that includes a mini tulle frill at the bottom of the blouse. Elegant and romantic!

From Nueces, we hope you have taken note of our selection of summer trends and have already chosen the summer musts you want to include in the wardrobe of the little ones of the house. Tell us, what do you think about our selection of summer clothes for girls? What is your favourite trend?

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