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5 Sustainable Gifts for Children

per Nueces Kids on April 16, 2020

Making a gift is always an opportunity to surprise. But... what if, in addition to surprising, we also educate? When it is a child who receives the gift, this aspect becomes fundamental.

That's why in today's post we want to give you 5 ideas for Sustainable Gifts for Children, which will allow you to transmit a message of responsibility and ethics to your little one, without giving up the happiness of receiving an original and unique gift.

The 5 Sustainable Gifts for Children that we have selected are:


    The Greatest Candle is not only an ideal element of decoration and relaxation, but also a unique and innovative worldwide self-recycling solution, certified internationally.

    This kit consists of special powders made from natural ingredients which, when in contact with used cooking oil, results in a fragrant candle in just a few minutes.

    The resulting candles are vegetable-based, more durable and offer clean and safe combustion. In addition, they have unique fragrances: created by the best perfumers.

    This gift is the perfect combination between originality and responsibility, ideal for children, who will become environmentally responsible craftsmen.


    With this toy the only protagonists will be your imagination and creativity. These wooden pieces and a piece of chalk will be your only tools to create your own city.

    Chalking contains 25 geometric pieces of beech wood painted with black slate and 6 coloured chalk.

    You can combine your pieces to make shapes and then paint over them the details until you get what you want. Manufactured with 100% Recyclable Materials, Toxic Free and with non-petroleum based plastics.


        The Farmtasticº clay piggy bank is not only a tender and ideal piggy bank but also an original pot. Its versatility makes it the perfect sustainable gift for children.

        Furthermore, the most beautiful thing about this gift is that it is handmade in a small traditional workshop in a small pottery village in Cordoba. Mime has been a part of this piece since its origin.

        The kit includes the clay piglet, substrate enriched with worm humus and sunflower seeds.


        The SunLab Kitchen Laboratory is the definition of efficiency and ecology. For even the cardboard packaging box is part of the toy itself.

        The SunLab solar kitchen laboratory is a didactic way for the youngest in the house to learn about renewable energy and cooking, in a perfect combination.

        Its interactive component and its immediacy make it the weakness of any child. In addition, it is light and very easy to transport... It is easy to clean and can be used at any time of the year, always with zero waste!


        This fun and cheerful Puzzle will be the ideal gift if you want to have a small detail with them. For just over 5 euros you can have a 100% ecological Puzzle, made from recycled cardboard and paper. The illustrations are very delicate and aesthetic, we are sure that it will become your great ally!

        From the Nueces Kids team, we hope that you liked our ideas on sustainable gifts for children and that you are encouraged to surprise your little ones with these original and creative toys, with a great ecological background.

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