5 Original children's Books in English

per Nueces Kids on May 29, 2020

After all these days at home with the little ones, we have reinvented ourselves and discovered numerous possibilities for them to have fun and learn without leaving home. In our post today, we want to rescue an activity that we think is fundamental for any child, regardless of their age.

This activity is reading children's books in English. In general, it is advisable to read books in English as it facilitates learning, but when it comes to children this recommendation is essential, as it will allow them to take a very useful base in their future and furthermore, they will take it more easily than adults.

Some of the reasons why it is advisable to read children's books in English are:

  • You will learn vocabulary more quickly.
  • You will improve your spelling, as you will get used to seeing written words.
  • They will express themselves better and have a greater richness of expression.
  • He will improve his pronunciation and listening as he is used to reading aloud.
  • You will have a greater chance of perfecting your language or learning new ones, because of the familiarity you will have with the process of learning new languages.
  • In addition, you will improve your reading comprehension in both English and Spanish.

For today and tomorrow, we recommend that you try this activity. We are sure you will be surprised by the results. And if you don't know where to start we recommend 5 books for children in English:

  1. Goodnight moon, Margaret Wise Brown. This book is suitable for children as it has become a classic in the initiation of reading. The story places us in the room of a little bunny who tries to delay the time of sleeping wishing the good night to each of the objects of his room. Besides, the choice of the illustrations is very careful, we are sure that they will make your little one fall in love.

  1. Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell. In this story the child protagonist writes a letter to the zoo to ask for an animal as a pet, the zoo responds with several proposals. But, will they all be suitable to have as a pet? The book includes flaps that the children can move around to discover the animals. The writing is simple and very fun, without a doubt the perfect ally for them to have fun while they learn.

  1. The very hungry caterpillar, Eric Carle. In this adventure we will accompany a newly born caterpillar every day, until it transforms into a butterfly. This story will allow children to learn about new foods and different stages in the cycle of life. Once again, your little one will fall in love with the illustrations in this fun book.

  1. The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss. Without a doubt, a book that could not be missing from this list. The book has been rated, by many experts, as a feat for the combination of a simple vocabulary and the background of the story Safe bet!

  1. The Pigeon needs a Bath, Mo Willems. This book is part of a series of titles, which tell the different everyday stories experienced by a funny pigeon. The ease of reading and aesthetic illustrations make this collection by Mo Willems a very good choice.

From Nueces, we hope you enjoy these readings together. We are sure that your little ones will love them!

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