5 original games for children

per Nueces Kids on July 10, 2020

Did you know that playing encourages children's creativity? It's a perfect way to make them have fun while learning and improving their personal skills. That's why, in our post today, we want to show you 5 original games for children, so that you can discover new ways to enjoy and learn with the little ones in the house. Keep reading!

Benefits of games: Creative children

First of all, before offering you games to have fun with as a family, we want to tell you what the benefits are, because there are many qualities that our children can learn:

  • Improved ability to plan and organise.
  • They will learn to regulate their emotions.
  • It helps them to cope with stress.
  • It increases social skills.
  • They will learn to win and lose.
  • They help to develop their emotional intelligence.
  • Encourages teamwork.

5 original games for children

Now that you know some of the benefits 

of playing as a family, we want to show you 5 original games or "game recipes" with which to enjoy a good time as a family.

1) Guess the movie

This game is perfect for children who love to watch movies and who have acting in their veins. The game is played in turns, and whoever it is will have to imitate a series or film without using any language. Who knows, maybe you have a star at home and discover that your son or daughter has a future in acting.

2) Make your own bookmark

A good idea is to set up a "family workshop" where you can make a bookmark as a team. Draw, colour and decorate as a family! In addition, this way we encourage the reading of books from a young age, another hobby that increases the skills of the little ones.

3) Superheroes in power

One of our favourite games is the superhero game, what is it? First, you can spend time making original costumes by hand, this is a good way to do family activities. Any costume accessory will be useful, from a cape, to a hat, to plastic glasses... There are many superheroes to imitate! Then use paints and create fun make-up. For example, you can try to make them up as Spider-man or Batman, they are superheroes that never go out of fashion.

4) The treasure hunt

First of all, you will need quite some time to play this fun game. So get organized and take advantage of a time when your children are away. For example, while they are at school or at extra-curricular activities. Secondly, it's time to get down to business. We need to prepare clues, proofs and the odd riddle so that they can find a hidden object or "treasure". If you want to make it even more original and fun, you can dress up as pirates - they'll have a great time!

5) Who is who

I'm sure you've played this game before. It is a good option to play with the little ones without having to invest in the latest market developments. If you have never played this game before, we will tell you what it consists of: First you must write the name of a person or a recognised character on a post-it, then place it on the person on your right, and all of you do the same. Finally, the best part of the game comes, try to guess who you are. But keep in mind that... Only yes or no questions are valid!

From Nueces, we hope that thanks to these activities the afternoons at home will become a lot of fun. We are sure you will have a great time, enjoy!

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